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Page administrators on Facebook can provide users with access to their business page, enabling them to post on the company’s behalf. There are five different types of roles for people who manage pages.  Make sure you are giving them the appropriate level of access to your page. There is no limit to the number of people who can have a role on a page, but be sure that you trust this person!  Facebook specifies what each admin role has the option to do.

  • Insights Analyst: This user can only view Facebook Insights and see who published as “the page”. This level is great for someone who wants to view how well the page is doing.
  • Advertiser: This user can only create ads, view Facebook Insights and see who published as “the page”.  They cannot create posts or reply to messages or comments as “the page”. This level is perfect for an ad buyer.
  • Moderator: At this level, the user can view Facebook Insights, create ads, and see who published as “the page,” as well reply to messages, posts, and comments as “the page”. The moderator also has the option to add and ban people from the page.  This is a great level for someone who you want to have moderate comments and reply to emails and comments but not post original content posts without your permission.
  • Editor: This level allows the user to create original content for the page as well as edit the page details along with all of the above. This is best to use if you want someone to be able to post to the page.  This person can not manage page roles.
  • Admin/Manager: This role has all the previous functions listed above but this user has the option to change page settings which includes managing admin roles. The Admin will be able to see and edit ads using the payment method associated with the ad account.  This is the best choice for the business owner or marketing officer, as the main manager of the page.

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