Facebook Makes Pages’ Organic Reach Dependent On Shares

Facebook is continuously working on trying to make its user’s News Feed filled with things that people care about. Facebook learned that people are worried that they are not seeing the important updates from friends and family. That they are now seeing to many posts about cooking recipes, videos, page posts, etc. In an effort to stay in the “friend zone”, Facebook is updating their news feed to only show updates from friends people care about. What this means for pages, is that if they want to have their posts get noticed on more News Feeds then their content needs to get shared. Facebook is making Page posts more dependable on shares, to reach the target audience a page wants. If a page has a set target, and want their posts to be seen on their target’s News Feed, then their target’s friends need to be sharing that post.

In the past year, the share option on Facebook has surpassed the “like” button, as more people are sharing random videos, cooking videos, instant articles, etc. Since this metric is now into play, and Facebook is trying to share more updates that people care about, Pages need to have their posts be more share worthy if they want to get seen.

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