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Facebook Local Offers Benefits for Users & Businesses

Facebook has launched a new app for their users called Facebook Local that shows users what’s going on around them including things to do and places to go. Facebook launched a similar app called Facebook Events about a year ago with similar intentions but Facebook Local is better, updated version of the prior with more focus on local searches.
The new app is Facebook’s distinguished effort to compete with local apps and websites like Google Local, Yelp and Foursquare to help users find helpful places and events near them. With an app available for both iOS and Android, Facebook Local users are able to search for events such as concerts, festivals, and community events as well as places such as restaurants, offices, health facilities, or retail shops.
Because the new app is linked to users’ Facebook profiles, it offers even more than other similar local apps. By connecting Facebook Local to one’s personal profile, users will be exposed to events and places within their friends’ networks as well as their own. Because Facebook knows the types of places and events a user has been interested in and attended in the past, they are able to recommend new options based on users’ past activity. This factor alone could make the app a success.
The app also allows users to search for events and places by category to make it as easy as possible for users to find the content they want. Users are able to see a rating of the business as well as their full Facebook profile once they click on the listing. For now, Facebook Local remains adless, another benefit for many users. Time will only tell if the app will find success in a tough market full of ways for users to find things to do around them but Facebook Local looks like a promising option.

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