Facebook Launches a New Small Business Product

Facebook rolls out a bundle of new tools that will allow local businesses to run automated ad campaigns, book appointments, and edit videos. “With over 90 million small businesses on Facebook, we’re proud to play a role in helping business of all sizes grow and create jobs,” Said Facebook.

Let’s take a deeper look at these new functions:

Automated Ads.

With Automatic Ads, Local businesses are capable of running 6 different types of ads that will run through Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. The ad will pick up the strongest information on your page to target your audience. Additionally, a recommended budget is also available which can be useful when generating estimated results based on your goals.

Nikila Srinivasan, director of Product Management at Facebook explains:

“We do this optimization as time goes on so we can communicate back with the business,” Srinivasan says. “We can even make improvements for them on the back end.”

She explains the reason behind this.

“This was built for small businesses without the time or marketing expertise to think about these strategies. This is the product that’s going to do the heavy lifting for them.”

This very important as 7 million Facebook’s active advertisers are SMB’s.

“One small business even calls it a co-pilot,” she says. “I thought that was a really appealing way to describe what this product does.”

Book Appointments.

Whether you’re on Facebook or Instagram or both, businesses are able to manage appointment management tools services; scheduling an appointment, setting reminders to customers when the business accepts it through Messenger or text. Other manage appointments feature, businesses can also:

  • Customize a list of services
  • Add your business hours of availability
  • Sync appointments to your personal calendar

Video Editing.

As we know, video marketing has been increasingly important for marketing so these new features will be useful when promoting the video.

Simple features available:

  • Automatic cropping
  • Video trimming
  • Image and text overlays

This will allow advertisers to crop and trim any long videos, and add logos or text to boost recognition. Facebook is continually improving the experience for businesses and potential customers so if you’re looking to expand your reach with your services, the new Facebook platform is the perfect way to get started!


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