Facebook is Testing “Instant Videos”

Facebook is currently testing out “Instant Videos”, a feature that will help users save phone data! This insanely cool feature saves videos when connected to wifi, allowing users to watch them later on their mobile device without using data.

watching video on mobile device

Facebook will now download and cache videos in the background when connected to a wifi network. This way, when switching to a cellular network, the pre-loaded videos will be available to watch without using mobile data. With mobile data prices on the rise, streaming videos can lead to costly phone bills.


Similar to AMP and Facebook’s Instant Articles, Instant Videos will be marked with a lightening bolt icon. Facebook has not mentioned yet which videos will be cached, but it will most likely be videos that are natively uploaded to Facebook, not so much videos from YouTube and other platforms.


This test is only available to a small percentage of Android users at the moment, but check back here for more updates about this Instant Video feature!

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