Facebook Introducing New Brand Safety Tools

After all the feedback and issues in the past with their political ad policies, Facebook has been rolling out a new set of tools designed to help advertisers control the placement and context of their Facebook Ads. The new set of tools consists of five main areas of focus that will help them deliver the safest ads to their audiences while being transparent.

5 New Safety Tools For Facebook Ads


Streamlining Access To Controls

With the new roll out advertisers, in Business Manager and Ads Manager, will be able to create blocklists, obtain delivery reports, and set inventory filters.

Improved Delivery Reports

With this new rollout of tools comes a more robust delivery report. These new reports will allow advertisers to search by account ID or publisher without having to download the report. While it is still being developed, Facebook also mentioned that they will be adding content-level information to the delivery report as well.

New Brand Safety Partner

To help ensure the brand safety controls and tools can continue to serve advertisers’ needs, Facebook has added a new safety partner with Zefr. They join Facebook’s other safety partners that include DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and OpenSlate.

Dynamic Content Sets

Facebook will be testing in-stream placements that use a content-level whitelisting tool. This will allow brands to routinely update and adjust the videos available to advertisers based on what works best for the brand.

Publisher White Lists

With this feature, advertisers can white-list certain publishers for ad placement within the Audience Network and with in-stream ads. This feature is still in testing phases and will be rolled out more broadly next year.

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