Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat Stories: Which is Best for My Business?

Since Snapchat originated the era of disappearing video, more social media platforms started incorporating this ever-growing trend. From a marketer’s perspective, even though the content you might upload will quickly vanish, it gives you rapid-fire cycles of advertising opportunity. Since the Stories are now prevalent not only on Snapchat but on Instagram and Facebook, how do you determine which platform offers the most value for your brand to reach your consumer? Check out the marketing-friendly features that the Stories of each platform have to identify what works best for your social media strategy.

Snapchat Stories

  • Snapchat works great if you target younger generations.
  • This platform usually engages users extremely well.
  • A good medium for sending spontaneous and informal messages. It can be effectively used to generate brand loyalty.
  • There’s no limit to a marketer’s creativity when it comes to filters and sponsored lenses.
  • According to industry studies, ads generally perform well on Snapchat.
  • With the newest update, Snapchat will prioritize friends over brand accounts, which might result in less exposure moving forward.

Instagram Stories

  • Compared to Snapchat, the audience of Instagram Stories are generally older.
  • Instagram Stories have a lot in common with Snapchat, since the company also incorporates filters, stickers, gifs and so on.
  • There’s a special feature that put InstaStories over Snapchat – adding an external URL, which can lead users directly to your website simply by swiping up.
  • Instagram Stories are highly engaging – one in five stories on Instagram result in a direct message from a viewer. Not so long ago, Instagram also introduced “Polls” within the Stories, which work out well.
  • Instagram Stories don’t have to disappear if you don’t want them to. If a particular promotion was successful, why not save it into Instagram Story Highlights?
  • InstaStories can now also be viewed on the desktop.

Facebook Stories

  • Since Facebook still has the largest audience, even though they are not as popular as Instagram Stories.
  • Despite the fact that Facebook Stories are kind of a ghost town at this point, it can be a blank slate for brands.
  • If you’re cross-posting your marketing material, why not add it to Facebook Stories as well to get additional impressions?
  • Considering News Feed’s ever-changing algorithms might not be too opportunistic for business accounts lately, Facebook Stories can be a solution to bypass these restrictions.

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