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Being a business owner and trying to keep with all the phone calls, emails, social media, listing sites, etc. can be a lot to handle. Most of these tasks require you to be in front of a computer to be able to keep up to date. As technology has improved, more and more smartphones are capable of handling these tasks. Now-a-days everyone is making calls and sending emails on the go via their smartphones.

As the smart phones get, well, smarter, so do the apps and programs that go along with it. People have been able to Facebook on the go for over a year now. Finally, Facebook has released an app specifically for Pages or “Business Pages”. Now if you are a business owner on the go, you can update your Facebook business page on the fly using your IPhone. Using the Facebook Pages app you can respond, post and comment on your page, plus post updates and photos. Just install the free app and then login to your Facebook account.

I can see this being really helpful for business owners that own a Car Repair Shop or some sort of Construction Company. This will allow them to work on site or in the garage without having to get to a computer to update their Facebook page. If they wanted to post before and after pictures, simple take out your IPhone, snap a picture of the before product and post it to the Business Page along with whatever text you would like the customer to read. It’s a great way to add new and fresh content to your Facebook page in only a few clicks.

This new Facebook app also allows the business owner to view their business pages analytics on the go. Owners get a look at how their pages are performing by showing data for total likes, people talking about this, weekly total reach, and trends in the past 14 days, highlighted by a small line graph. Percentages show on the right side of each of these metrics, giving users a quick glance at their pages’ performance.

It’s important for business owners to stay in the loop and keep up to date with their Social Media pages. Don’t get frustrated when trying keep up, just use tools like these to make your life easier and your company better.

-Mike Fedotowsk

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