Facebook Filters Out Accidental Ads Clicks

Tired of wasting your money away on Facebook users who are scrolling through their newsfeeds and accidentally clicking on your ads? This will no longer be a problem according to Facebook. The social media site will now be filtering out accidental clicks to Advertiser’s ads in Facebook’s Audience Network.
The best news is that Facebook will neither be charging for those accidental clicks nor showing those in their metrics.  Facebook’s Product Marketing Manager Brett Vogel stated that whoever clicks on a Facebook ad and leaves within 2 seconds will not be counted as a click, and therefore the Advertiser won’t be charged. This measurement strategy is very similar to Google Analytics’ bounce rate metric. Bounce rate is measured by how quickly a user enters and exits the website after going to a landing page. The higher bounce the rate, the more indication that there’s an issue with your site.
The two-second measurement is just the beginning in order to get Advertisers more accurate data and Facebook mentioned that they can quickly change this threshold or add to it whenever needed. Still, some Advertisers are cautious of the new change. However this will improve overall user and Advertiser experience.
Facebook works hard to make sure that it’s only delivering the best ads to it’s users. In fact, for some industries it’s nearly impossible to get your ad approved on the first try. The ad copy along with the picture must accurately represent the product or service provided without sounding too pushy.
In addition to applying this threshold to ads, Facebook will also make other metrics available to Advertisers, including gross impressions, auto-refresh impressions, and gross auto-refresh impressions.
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