Facebook Fanfare: Less is More

Are you trying to increase the interactions on (as well as the overall success of) your Facebook business page?  The recent transfer to Timeline may have offered visual changes that, if done right, could attract more people to your company’s profile, but your engagement as the owner in terms of the content you’re offering is important as well.    The most effective approach to your Facebook page as a business owner could be debated all day, but it has recently been suggested that bigger (in terms of the amount of info /what you are throwing onto your page) is not always better.  Following these three rules could not only benefit your Facebook popularity, but your general appeal and opportunities for new business as well.

1)      Don’t Be Repetitive:  Unsure about how to update your profile but think it’s time to add something new to your wall?  Don’t repeat past information or announcements just to post content.  If your viewers notice similar stories each time you’re updating, pretty soon they’ll begin to look right past your profile altogether.  Try and switch up your form of info as well: alternate between photos, videos, and text to provide variety.

2)      Engage in Conversation: Instead of continually posting statements that you think are interesting, ask the viewers themselves what they would like to see.  Social media engagement can attract new visitors not only to your Facebook page, but to your website as well (a goal of SMO). Questions about particular products, services you provide, what clients would like to see more or less of, etc., are all things that make your page more interesting and can actually help your business in the long-run as well.  Interacting with your fans will make you more personable and can provide you with constructive criticism or suggestions that you can then implement into your services.

3)      Keep it Simple: Mold your content to your audience.  This rule can relate directly back to rule #2 as well- ask your fans what to do to hold their interest.  Evaluate the information that you’d like to share and consider whether or not others will find it as interesting as you.  It is true that you are not always going to please everyone or catch each Facebook user’s eye, but also remember that you are the expert on your brand or company and what you offer to your viewers should be relatable, understandable and interesting.

The beauty of social media is that business owners who are looking to gain more exposure and outside interest have the opportunity to interact directly with current or potentially new customers.   Facebook is obviously one of the top go-to networks for embracing an online community, so take advantage of your ability to really communicate with your audience and make an effort to stand out from other bland or “typical” business pages.

–          Casey Guntlow

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