Facebook Establishes Two New Ways for Businesses To Communicate Directly With Customers

If you are trying to promote your business in 2019, there is a very good chance that your company has established a social media presence.  Social media is a wonderful tool that allows us to easily interact with millions of people, whether you’re interested in generating more leads, promoting your business, or simply sharing information. That being said, Facebook recently announced changes to the way that businesses interact with their potential customers, and it now easier than ever before for businesses to interact with customers through their Facebook accounts.  Take a look at the new updates they rolled out below:

Instagram Direct Messages Can Now Be Received and Responded to via Facebook Messenger

Facebook purchased Instagram back in 2012, creating the potential for the two apps to be cross-compatible with each other to some degree.  Now, the Facebook and Instagram teams have rolled out a very useful update: businesses will now be able to respond to Instagram direct messages from their Facebook Messenger.  This update will be universally appreciated among businesses with active Instagram presences because so many people reach out to businesses via Instagram DM’s. In fact, according to Instagram’s internal data, over 150 million users have a direct message conversation with a business every month! With so many people reaching out via DM’s, Facebook and Instagram decided it was time to make it easier for businesses to respond to questions from both apps in one place.

Facebook Pages Can Now Engage In Groups

Previously, interacting with users within a Facebook group was limited to personal accounts.  If you wanted to join a regional group,  such as local users in your city creating a group to search for a quality roofing contractor, you would have had to respond via your personal account.  While this was a perfectly legitimate way to interact with users, having the ability to join a group of that nature and respond via your businesses account holds more authority for users.  Seeing your business respond will allow them to visit your page and view your reviews or recent work, as well as create brand recognition among the users in the group that you wouldn’t get if you responded on your personal account.

While these updates won’t flip the SEO world upside down, they are useful quality-of-life updates that users and businesses alike will appreciate.  Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with people in your city, and Facebook and Instagram have worked together to make it even easier yet again!

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