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Facebook does it again. The team has announced they will be installing a search bar within Facebook for users to find results based on the information provided by Facebook users. After hearing this, my first reaction was “isn’t that the internet?”


After looking into it more, it began to sound pretty interesting. The search results given are based on the information provided by Facebook users. Facebook users can share all their interests and every activity with the world,  For example: where you’re eating dinner, where and who you went skiing with, whether you’re single, where you work, where you live, what high school you attended, and if you like The Patriots! All the information provided will help people using the search tool to connect with you and your interest.


If I search “bar with live music in NYC,” Facebook will give me the bars with live music that all Facebook users have been to or shared information about. If I want to know the bar my friends went to, then I can modify the search to “bar my friends liked with live music in NYC.”  Facebook will give me the same results, but the information I am getting now is from my Facebook friends who have shared their experience at that bar.


When Facebook first started, it was for staying in touch with friends and family and making new friends at school. Today, Facebook hopes to help people find a connection with others all over the world based on common interests. No date has been given for when the search bar will be ready, but I am definitely going to use it to its advantage and I’m curious to see how it affects internet searches and users activity.


By Giovanna DaPrato


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