Facebook Color Change Malware Returns

We’ve seen it before on Facebook: the random link sent in a private message from a friend, or the nonsensical post that pops up in your news feed.  Viruses and malware have made their way into users’ computers through many different routes and tactics, and this tricky Facebook ad has already made its way around in the past.  Posing as a “Color Change” app that allows you to alter the colors of your Facebook profile, this scam then tricks you into downloading the malware once you have clicked on the link.

The scam is clever, as there is more than one way for the hackers to access your computer and informationfacebook malware.  Some users are prompted to watch a video tutorial, which then gives hackers the ability to access their Facebook as well as all of their friends, while others might be presented with a notification that states they have been “infected” and are prompted to download a link disguised as an app that will then remove the virus.

Thousands of people around the world have already had the misfortune of acquiring this malware.  While the idea may be intriguing, be sure to stay on the lookout for this Color Change advertisement and do not fall victim to it.  This is not the first time the scam has made its way around the social network, and if you are an avid Facebook user it is important to stay tuned into what may be going around that could be harmful to your computer and identity.

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