Facebook Challenges Google Local with New Update

Facebook rolled out a new update that will benefit local businesses in a move to challenge Google Local. With millions of active everyday users, Facebook is looking to transition into a tool that will be more at use for members. Let’s take a look at some of these changes.

Redesigned Mobiles Pages

New features on the Facebook pages have made it a lot easier and interactive for local businesses to communicate with their potential customers. Facebook created “Actions” to allow users to book reservations and make appointments through the Facebook page.


Getting people to “like” a store’s Facebook pages have limited utility. However, with a new “Recommendation” button, it will not only publish on the user’s timeline but also help reach a further audience through their friends and family. This recommendation can also be displayed on the business page which could potentially be an essential tool recommending a business to help the page grow within its local reach.

Expansion of the Events Feature

Facebook implemented a simple yet useful feature that creates a “virtual word of mouth,” allowing users to express an interest in a local event, which can also be seen by their friend’s and family.

Job Application

With millions of users, it makes sense to have a tool that can help users find jobs as Facebook continues to improve new ways to be more useful in a member’s everyday life. For example, a restaurant looking for a chef can be helped by a local customer who may know someone and refer them!

Facebook Local

With Facebook adding a new Local section to their Facebook App, it has made them a serious contender to Google’s Local search features. Facebook has clearly recognized that these improvements are a small part to help businesses connect more with their local customers.

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