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In early April, 2012, Facebook purchased the photo sharing app Instagram for a whopping $1 Billion. Many wondered if this was a move to eliminate Instagram from the Twitter-sphere, but it wasn’t. No one was quite sure why Facebook made the purchase and why for so much. However, with Facebook’s May 24th announcement of Facebook Camera, it all started to make sense.

Facebook Camera has been in development for quite some time now, way before the purchase of Instagram. By the time Facebook Camera was ready; Facebook was ready to take over the photo-sharing world and made the purchase of Instagram. One key thing to know about Facebook Camera is that it is not here to replace Instagram, but rather to create an easier way for Facebook-ers to take, edit and share photos of their lives. Facebook Camera is a standalone app where you can shoot, filter, share photos and scroll through a feed of photos uploaded to Facebook by your friends. Although you can upload pictures from the primary Facebook app, this allows for easier and quicker sharing,  as well as fun editing and filtering to make sure that all of your photos look professional.

From a business owners stand point, this can save you some serious time and help make your Facebook Business Page that much more aesthetically pleasing to your viewers and customers. For companies that take before and after pictures, this is great way to quickly share your craft and so that customers can see the progress of the job at hand. For restaurants and bakeries, this will allow you take beautiful pictures of your food, add a cool filter and post it to your Facebook Page in seconds. It is always important as a business owner to keep your Social Media pages active and this tool should help cut down on the time it takes to do that.

If you own a business and an IPhone, this app is a must download. It is free through the App Store and I think that you will find its services more than helpful for your Facebook Business Page.


– Mike Fedotowsky


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