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Facebook Announces There Is No More 20% Text Rule for Ad Images

Have you ever run into the issue where your Facebook ad was disapproved and you couldn’t figure out why? Chances are you broke Facebook’s 20% text rule for an image being used as an advertisement. Facebook used to prohibit ads that contained more than 20% text. Facebook once claimed that users preferred ads that contain less text on them, making this a huge challenge for advertisers to get their message out in just a few words. To throw us a bone, Facebook created the Text Overlay Tool. This tool allowed advertisers to upload an image to determine how much text is in within the ad image.

So what is the change to Text in ad images?

Facebook announced that your ads will no longer be rejected for having too much text. However, there is a catch to this new-found freedom. Although you will be allowed to add as much text as you’d like, you can expect the cost of your ad to increase and audience reach to decrease. Moving forward, your ad will be broken down into four different categories of approval:

  1. Ok – little to no text (favored by Facebook)
  2. Low
  3. Medium
  4. High – too much text (disliked by Facebook)

If your ad has too much text, although it will not get rejected, you should expect very little reach and high costs. Our advice? Keep doing what you have in the past. When creating an ad, use a grid tool like the Text Overlay in Facebook or Photoshop. Avoid text as much as possible because even though your ad will not get rejected, you still lose the chance of your audience not seeing your ad due to a high volume of text.

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