Facebook and WordPress: Together at Last

There are many ways to incorporate your self-hosted WordPress blog within Facebook using rss feed readers such as rss graffiti or networked blogs. However, Facebook recently released their own WordPress plugin called Facebook for WordPress. WordPress is a popular content management system powering approximately 16+% of websites worldwide and Facebook wants to be able to take advantage of WordPress and continue to increase users and usability

Overall the biggest benefit to this new app allows WordPress admins to cross-publish content WordPress, Facebook Timelines and Facebook Page. Additionally you can also mention the names of Pages and friends in your post to further distribute your content.

Facebook also has created social plugins that are available as WordPress widgets. These include an activity feed, a recommendations bar option, customized like, subscribe, & send button. The last widget (and arguably most useful) is the Comments Box Widget. This widget allows people to comment on your site and post back to Facebook. Best of all to plugin’s developers integrated automatic SEO support for Facebook comments allowing search engines to index the comments made if they contain relevant content.


By Jeffrey Pucko


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