Facebook Ads Best Practices

Facebook Advertising is an effective advertising channel if you know how to use it correctly.  Facebook ads can easily expand your audience by thousands.  However, there are specific ways to use Facebook ads in order to make the most of it.  Facebook is taking over the world.  Many people are glued to it daily.  In fact, Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users!  Even better, more than 800 million people are liking something on Facebook every day.  Let’s make that your post!  Facebook allows for ads to help you target a specific audience that is likely to buy your products/services or read the information shared.  In fact, a survey conducted by Social Fresh in 2016 found that 95.8 percent of social media marketers worldwide believe that Facebook ads delivered the best ROI of all social platforms!
Here are some Facebook ads best practices:

  • Start by rotating your ads regularly.  You don’t want to keep a boring ad circulating because once your users grow tired of seeing it, they’ll stop clicking.  Try sending out different ads to keep them interested.  With that in mind, use new styles, hashtags or text format.  Also make sure to vary the length of the message and the image style.


  • In line with ad experimentation, you should experiment with your target audience as well.  Audience targeting is a versatile and effective feature of Facebook Advertising.  With audience targeting, you start with a certain audience then expand it slowly one category at a time.  For example, if you’re running a local business, you can expand by zip code.


  •  Facebook pixel is a small code you can put on your website that will allow you to track conversions.  With that, you can re-market to people who might have already visited your website or a viewed a particular product/service.  Re-marketing is a great tool for reaching Facebook users who’ve been to your site before.  They have reminders for a user to complete their purchase, or to give them more offers or recommended products.


  • Finally, great photos and videos can take you to the top.   If people look for something aesthetically appealing to look at first, then make your Facebook ads rich in attractive photos and videos.

Words are very important in advertisements, but no matter what your ad says, pixelated photos and low-quality videos will turn people away fast.  Visuals grab the attention of the user right away.  This first impression must be a positive one.  So don’t compromise the quality of your images and videos in your ads.  Rather, follow Facebook’s recommendations on image size, format, and resolution.  Take the advice of the creators to make the best and most attractive Facebook Ads!


Facebook Ads are worth your time and investment, so follow these tips to excel in your Facebook advertising campaign.

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