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We have written in the past about the importance of onsite blogs. It is important to update the blog frequently with fresh original content. I advise my clients to write a blog post at least once every week in order to keep their site updated. This is important because search engines will rank your site higher when you have fresh content. Even more importantly, your potential clients will see that you frequently update your website with expert knowledge of your industry.

My favorite way to make use of an onsite blog is to use the blog to talk about recent work. Your fresh content will be picked up faster by Google and help to highlight your services and where they are performed more effectively in search results.

Here is the general recommended outline for these types of posts

Title (h1): Choose a concise yet descriptive title that describes the type of service and what city/town it was performed in.


  • Talk about what type of service you performed
  • Specify what city/town the service was performed & what part of the city or town (main st, waterfront, etc.)
  • Talk about which products you used for the job (a landscaper might mention the type of paver used on a patio)
  • Reflect upon the challenges that you faced while performing the service and how you overcame them to further touch upon your expertise and gain trust
  • If available, add before and after pictures of the job or service performed

Backend Meta Title and Meta Description

Once the blog is written optimize your backend with a descriptive 60 character title and a 150 character description both highlighting what service you performed and where you performed the service.

By Jeffrey Pucko

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