Everything You Need to Know About Google Discover

Google Discover is becoming an increasingly popular app, as it gives a more personalized approach to search and finds content that you’re interested in. It is a query-less discovery of content that suggests content for you based on your activity, without using a traditional search bar. It takes into consideration your likes and interests based upon how you interact with the Discover app. Over time, it will learn what you like and provide you with resources that pique your interest and will provide even better content time after time. It’s a great way to find new and fresh content that you enjoy. Here are some things to know about Google Discover:

The Transition From “Strings” to “Things”

Discover’s goal is to provide you with new and relevant content. They’re moving away from the traditional process of typing in a search query and populating a list of 10 results, and moving towards a more customized approach. Search is becoming more dynamic and modern, focusing more on visuals than text. Based on your activity, discover can easily figure out what topic you are trying to look for and show you suggestions you may have never even thought of. It makes the world an interface! Discover is a very personalized app, therefore giving each person their own unique experience. 

Getting Your Content Found in Discover

Getting your content found in Discover will require similar strategies to what you’re currently doing for SEO. All of the core practices will remain primarily the same for optimizing content. Having an optimized site with a good design and user experience will also help you to get found. Traditional SEO best practices will help you in the long run, no matter what the search trends are. All in all, there aren’t currently any specific requirements to make it in Google Discover. 

Improving Your Content 

Although there are not any specific algorithm changes that’ll affect your chances of being found in Discover, there are always ways to improve your content. You want your content to be the focal point of everything you do, creating exceptional pieces that’ll stand out above and beyond the others. Focusing on quality over quantity is what’s really important. Find out who your audience is and work on being able to target them and keep their interest. Make sure to know what kind of questions users are looking to have answered and write content that answers with an appropriate amount of information.

Visual Content

Optimizing for Google Discover means adding a visual aspect to your content. Discover is considered a visual tool that will have users looking at content that visually appeals to them and what they are looking for. Adding images to your content will help you in the long run. Make sure the images you use are relevant, fresh, and high-quality. It will make your content eye-catching to potential readers! 

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