Evaluating Search Algorithms

Have you ever wondered how Google comes up with Algorithms? Over the last year the SEO world has seen a number of algorithms, Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird just to name a few; all of which have affected search results of businesses.

Each time Google release another algorithm update, I find myself asking, “How do they know which algorithms to pass, and which ones to throw away?” Well, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s spam department, has given us an insight look on how Google picks and chooses algorithms.

The first step is an experimental run through; they will test the algorithm offline and review the results and quality of the URLs with the new algorithm. They will then compare the results and the URLs from the new algorithm with the current algorithm in place. Based on these comparisons, Google will then decide to take the algorithm to the next test phase, or to scratch it.

If the algorithm passes the initial test, Google will then test it on live search results; if they see a higher click rate on the new search results, it may imply that the search results with the new algorithm is better than the search results with the old algorithm. Google always strives for more clicks; in their eyes, the more clicks, the better the search results are.

When the algorithm passes the first two tests, it will then be passed down to the Google Search Quality Launch Committee; they ultimately have the final say on all algorithms.

Matt Cutts believes this system is very affective, and has been working pretty well, but every now and then there is some refining that needs to be done.

By. Joe Giorgianni

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