Essential Website Pages for Effective SEO

Every page on a website is important for SEO. Each page should be unique and present relevant content that includes SEO practices such as internal links and keywords. However, there are a few essential pages that every website should have that will benefit the company from an SEO perspective.

Home Page:

The Home Page is one of the most important pages because it is often the landing page for visitors. The home page should act as a guide for your website. It should give a summary of your company and the rest of the content on the website. Good practices for home pages are to have a section highlighting the different services or products offered and link them to the services page on the website. This will not only add more internal links throughout the website but will also be more user-friendly. It is also important to include a section that explains what the company is. This is a great place to incorporate keywords and help users understand who you are and what you do without having to dig too much. Don’t forget to add pictures of your business, services, or products to the home page! 

Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page typically gets the most engagement from users. This is how users contact a business, whether that is by email, phone call, or filling out a contact form. Another critical piece of information a business should include on the contact us page is their company’s address.

Services/Products Page

The services/product pages are an excellent and easy way to add meaningful, informative content that includes keywords to a website. A tip to keep in mind for good SEO practices is to have pages dedicated to each individual service or product provided. These pages should include photos with alt text, a description of the product or service, internal links when appropriate to other pages within the website, and call to actions. All of these features will help with a website’s ranking.

Blog Page

Many websites do not include a blog page. However, not having a blog is a huge missed opportunity as far as user experience and SEO is concerned. Blog pages are an easy, quick way to bump up a website’s ranking on a search engine results page. Another benefit of regular blog posts is that they can be a way to connect with users on topics that they are interested in or have questions about. Keep in mind that blog posts should always be relevant to the company.

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