Errors in Your Checkout Page You Need to Fix

If you are running an e-commerce website then you should know that the checkout page is crucial when it comes to driving conversions. According to THE Baymard Institute, almost 70 percent of online retailers are abandoning their carts after viewing the checkout page, which is significantly high. We have provided a few suggestions that could be harming your website.

  1. Only displaying extra costs at checkout. One of the top reason why people abandon their shopping carts is having extra costs displayed at checkout that is too high. This can be easily avoided if online retailers are able to see this from the beginning and calculate shipping charges and other fees beforehand.
  2. Compulsory account sign up. Majority of online shoppers want to purchase an item and move on, but according to Baymard Institute, 35 percent of respondents have decided to drop off because they are being forced to sign up an account before purchasing, which can be frustrating. If you wish to drive higher conversion rates you need to introduce a guest checkout option. This makes it easier for new customers to complete their purchases without necessarily creating and verifying an account.
  3. Making the checkout page lengthy/complicated. Just like shopper’s dislike creating a new account before making a purchase, they also dislike long or confusing checkout processes. You should be able to display a clear and concise message directly to shoppers with the option of seeing their cart or anything that may help them before checking out.
  4. Security. Trust is an important factor when it comes to your website and if your site does not have an SSL Certificate, chances are your potential customers could drop a lot more than before. SSL Certificate is a required for securing your website. Another good way to gain your customers trust is by adding trusted seals.
  5. Lack of payment options. If your website does not offer shoppers with multiple options, you could potentially lose a lot of customers, especially if you ship overseas.

These are the five crucial factors that you should be paying close attention to especially if you are seeing a drop in sales. Focus on the user experience when shopping on your site.





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