Embed Social Media Posts on Your Blog or Website

Google Plus has joined the movement Facebook, Twitter, and others have already been apart of. Users can now embed posts they want to share on their website or blog. It is very simple to do for all social media platforms. Below is how to embed the posts from Google plus. Simply click the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner of your post and select “Embed Post”.

Next, a pop up post with the HTML code will appear. Copy this entire code and paste it into the Text or HTML tab of your blog post, not the Visual tab. View your post in a Preview to see how it will appear on your website.

This is another great way to share information with reader and drive traffic to your site as well as increase the average time on your site and/or blog. Readers have the option to do anything they could on the social media site, viewing others comments, liking the post, or following the person behind it. It is also great for readers who want to contribute to the Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter discussion without actually being on the social media site!

For those who haven’t been able to see how to do the embed post feature with Facebook and Twitter, it is very similar to Google Plus. With either exposing the drop down menu on Facebook or viewing more options with Twitter. Just copy the entire code displayed and paste it in the HTML tab on your site!

By. Giovanna DaPrato




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