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Many of us face the same reality of sitting behind a desk and staring at a computer screen for the majority of our workday and week.  Between various projects, reports and other obligations, there is often a struggle to also tackle that dreaded email inbox.  A recent study stated that the average worker spends over two hours every day sifting through and responding to emails, the second most time-consuming task to complete each week.

Some companies and/or employees may have their own personal strategies for tackling this daily obstacle, but for those who do not and especially those who are social media driven, FanMix could be a convenient and helpful tool.  For a business or brand that has had long-term success interacting with clients and promoting products/services through social media networks, as well as those who are looking to use this avenue to a higher and more successful degree, FanMix can remove a hefty portion of incoming messages from your general email’s inbox.  This tool uses a Gmail-like inbox where all of your online accounts can be merged together and creates a one-stop outlet for viewing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blog activity.

FanMix is a simple and helpful tool that prevents you from missing any potentially important social media mentions or interactions.  For businesses or brands, this allows you to have a separate inbox that you can easily access when you’ve reached the scheduled time in your day for social media, or for that specific employee that is focused primarily on this aspect of your online marketing and SEO campaign.  The less time you have to spend scanning through your inbox the better; when you know exactly where to go for these social media related emails you have all the more time you can devote towards answering messages, providing announcements, interacting with clients and ideally generating more business.

By Casey Guntlow

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