The Value of Email Marketing

While social media marketing plays a great role in any digital marketing strategy, this is not to say that it is the best. Email marketing can be highly effective in addition to or in place of social media. This is especially if your target audience is a demographic that is less active on social media such as those ages 65+.

This blog will explain the reasoning behind launching an email marketing campaign as well as how to start your own!


Email Is Cross Generational

Email marketing is one form of digital marketing that can be applied to essentially any demographic. Whether you are 18 or 70 the chances are you have an email account that is active. Whether it is personal, a business email, etc. nearly every American adult uses email, and frequently too. With the importance of email communication in everyday life, inboxes are updated and read frequently- this is why your company should be trying to land in every inbox you can!


Clients Can Opt-In Themselves

Traditional, ad-based marketing is great and can push conversions. Email marketing can achieve the same return while also providing clients a sense of “control.” Many clients feel annoyed by constantly being bombarded by ads on web pages and social media. Instead, email marketing can allow clients to sign up for your newsletter or email list themselves. Not only does this provide a sense of control for clients, but it also shows who is most interested in your goods or services. This can lead to the offering of special sales or promotions exclusively for email list members.


How Can I Start My Own Email Marketing Campaign?

There are dozens of websites available to help launch your very own email campaign. Some of the most popular include MailChimp and Constant Contact. Each system offers its own pros and cons as well as free or paid versions. When picking a website to launch your campaign from it is important to focus on not only your budget but also the average number of users on your website and how aggressively you plan to promote your email list or newsletter.


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