Creating Effective Popups For Your Website

Popups on a website tend to carry a negative connotation as a disruption that leads to increased bounce rates, but the truth is when they are used effectively, they can provide a huge boost in leads and conversions on your website while even improving user experience. Below we will break down some of the most effective ways to design, place, and trigger popups that can provide benefits to both the site owners and its users. 

Define Your Intent

When designing your popup it is important to have a clear goal in mind, whether it is to get more reservations at your restaurant, sell more of a specific sale item, etc. Once your goal is established, you can begin focusing on keywords and content that support your goal. Keep your popup’s content short and sweet so as to not keep users away from your website’s primary content and landing pages.

Set Proper Triggers

Depending on your popup’s content, you will likely only want it triggered at specific times. While some popups, such as temporary closure announcements, may be triggered at the start of every session for every user, most feature specific circumstances. 

One of the most common popup triggers is exit intent. This type of trigger means popups only appear once a user has spent a designated amount of time on your website and is about to navigate away from your site. Exit intent triggers are commonly used in e-commerce stores and feature a one-time-only coupon for a designated amount. 

Another common trigger is scroll-based triggers. This means a popup will only appear after a user has scrolled to a certain point on any given page. Waiting for a certain scroll point indicates that users are more likely to engage with your content.

Design Popups with Mobile Users in Mind

As is the case with all web design, mobile compatibility is paramount in popup development. Most of us have accessed a website on our smartphone that is made inaccessible by an oversized, poorly formatted popup and immediately exited the website. This is harmful to your site and should be avoided at all costs. Instead, focus on developing popups optimized for mobile viewing and proper dimensions, triggers, and exit/closure options

Develop Your Website with Boston Web Marketing

Popup development is a fine line. When done poorly, it can lead to poor user experience, increasing the bounce rate and plummeting conversions. On the other hand, well-thought-out popups can improve the user experience while decreasing bounce rates and resulting in a spike in conversions. It certainly takes time to master the creation of effective popups. Are you interested in the idea of maximizing your conversions through popups and other website development? Contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing!

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