Effective FAQ Pages

Effective FAQ Pages

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages are now one of the most important pages for businesses to have on their websites. FAQ pages allow you to inform, educate, and guide users through your services. Not only are FAQ pages useful for user experience, but they are a significant SEO tool.  However, not all FAQ pages are made the same. Follow along for expert on advice on how to write an effective FAQ page. 

The Purpose of an FAQ Page

Saves Time

If you notice an influx of the same question/s from your existing or potential customers, adding it to an FAQ page will save you and them time. By having the information they are seeking readily available, they are also more inclined to search around your website.

Increased Traffic and Potential Customers

One of Google’s jobs is to answer questions. By having information formatted as an FAQ, this page can be found by new people in more specific searches.

How to Write an Effective FAQ Page

Easy To Find

If you are going to take the time to write an effective FAQ page, it is important that people are able to find it on your website. Make sure that your FAQ page is listed clearly within your main menu, where it would make the most sense. Many websites chose to locate them under their “About” information. It is also important that it is titled clearly as an FAQ page.

Make Sure the Questions are Frequently Asked

To make your FAQ page as effective as possible, it Is important to include questions that are genuinely frequently asked. The purpose of this page is to provide information customers are wanting to know. If the questions are irrelevant, the FAQ page will not be useful.

Use Customer Language

A lot of the time, FAQ page visitors do not hold the same knowledge or expertise of your business, product, or service as you do. Questions should be written from a customer perspective. When answering FAQs, be sure to use language that resonates with the customer. If they are visiting your FAQ page with a question in mind, they should be leaving it with a clear answer.


Though it sounds obvious, FAQs should be written in a question-and-answer format. Many website platforms offer FAQ widgets for this page that set up a question-and-answer format in a very clear and concise way.

Use Professionals

For expert and effective FAQ pages and websites as a whole, many businesses work with professional website and SEO teams like ours at Boston Web Marketing. For more information about FAQ pages, website design, and SEO services, give us a call today or fill out our online contact form.

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