Three Biggest E-commerce SEO Mistakes

E-commerce is in a whole different ballgame when it comes to websites. While it is still a website, it is extremely complex, as there are many pages, and even many pages that are almost identical, requiring more tags, and attention than a more straightforward site. This being said, an SEO strategy is necessary, if not crucial to the success of an e-commerce site.
With so many pages on a site, it can be very difficult to keep up with every single page on a site like this, as many things, like URLs, meta descriptions, alt text, etc. can really slip through the cracks. Keeping up with these can be very good for your website, and really help you get a strong ranking with search engines. Let’s take a look at the three biggest SEO mistakes that e-commerce websites have been known to make, so you and your business can avoid these mistakes and really become a leader in the world of e-commerce.

Slow Site

A slow site is a true buzzkill, mostly for customers, and because of this, your site could get a relatively bad ranking. Slow websites are very bad for customer and user experience, and because of this, search engines try to avoid ranking them well. A way to fix having a slow website is by switching hosting to a better server, or setting up your hosting so that you are the only site hosted on a specific server. This will help to bump up the speed, as well as conversion, as without the frustration of a site not responding to you, a customer is more willing and likely to convert.

Bad Site URLs

Bad site URLs are not only bad for search engine bots, but they are not good for user experience either. Which of the following URLs are you more likely to click on?


I’m guessing you chose the first option, which is correct. Having clear and concise URLs is important, because it can determine whether or not the customer will click. Taken into consideration in search engine algorithms, this is one of those things that is in place to increase customer satisfaction, and ensure that the first ranking site is going to be the best in the eyes of the user.

Lack of Image Alt Text

Alt text is very much overlooked in the world of e-commerce, because there are SO many images on any given e-commerce site. These types of sites really thrive off of selling products through images, as well as product descriptions. Because of this, image alt text is a fatal but easy to miss aspect of any site.

Image Alt Text is what is used so that bots can understand what the image is. Without this text, there is no way for bots to know what the image is, so your business misses the opportunity for more content to be taken into consideration, as well as for specific search terms to be targeted.

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