eBay Adopting AMP for Eight Million Pages

eBay has announced that they are utilizing Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) for over eight million pages. Originally, users would see AMPs being utilized for news articles, this is the first time that a major non-news site has deployed AMP to the extent that eBay has. eBay has stated that it has deployed there AMPs for many products and category-based pages for mobile use only.

How to View AMP Version of a Page

For users who would like to view the AMP version of a mobile site, the user would only need to add the amp/ parameter to any browser URL.




Why Does This Matter

There has been speculation that Google will begin to enable AMP for other uses outside of just news articles. This may be the reason why eBay has elected to deploy AMP for their transaction based site. This may be the beginning of other webmasters and site owners taking a closer look at AMP to potentially leveraging more traffic from Google search on mobile devices.

eBay has gone on record in saying that they have always seen mobile usage for users as a top priority. Their design principle for mobile user experience is to keep it “simple, accessible, and fast.” Their migration to AMP can very well do just that. We will soon see if other online transaction companies will follow suit in eBay’s avant-garde shift towards an AMP mobile experience.

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