Easy WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing

If you are looking for an easy and effective way for potential customers to sign up for your email subscription, we suggest installing one of the below email marketing WordPress plugins on your website.

  • MailChimp for WordPress. This feature allows you to create your own customized sign-up forms, track emails, manage subscribers, set-up autoresponders and establish a redirect to a “thank you” page.
  • SumoMe’s List Builder. This free plugin allows you to integrate whatever email marketing software you are using, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, and catches visitors before they leave your site with a lightbox that appears asking for their email address.
  • Attention Grabber Plugin. This easy and free plugin can be integrated into your WordPress website to gain more email subscriptions. In addition to adding a customizable attention grabber onto your website, you can also track opt-ins through your Google Analytics account!
  • FreshMail for WordPress. This free plugin integrates with Contact Form 7, which most users already have installed on their WordPress websites. It keeps track of all users who fill out a contact form on the website and submits them into your email marketing software.

By installing any of the above email marketing plugins for your WordPress site, you are providing your audience an easy way to opt-in to your email subscription. In addition to gaining more followers, you are also allowed to track how these users are signing up, whether it is through the plugin, or another outlet you have provided.

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