Easy Ways to Increase Organic Search Traffic

There are a lot of different factors that go into SEO. However, with all of these efforts, they all have the same end goal- to increase organic traffic for your business and increase search result rankings. Thankfully, a lot of the strategies below can be implemented in all of the different aspects while still growing your traffic. If your search results have recently dropped, read these tips on determining the cause and how to fix it. 

Rank Higher for Highly-Ranking Keywords

It is more common to put effort into ranking higher for keywords that are on page 2 of Google, but the fact of the matter is, the higher you rank, the more traffic you will get. That means that position #8 gets more traffic than #10, and #1 will always get the most amount of traffic on page 1. With this in mind, try increasing your content to get to that number one spot for the highest potential traffic. Compare your content to the current #1 spot and see what you can do to improve your ranking.

SERP Features

Google is focusing its efforts on answering a user’s question as quickly as possible. This is where the SERP features come into play. Featured snippets, image carousel, FAQ snippets, local packs, and more are all different types of SERP features that you can utilize depending on your business. Not all features will apply to your business, however, so it’s important to do proper research. This introduction has changed the way users analyze search results, and some queries can even have more than one feature. 

Increase your CTR

To increase your click-through rate, it’s best to optimize your metadata and use rich snippets. When using rich snippets, not all of them will significantly help rankings, and some can even be negative. It’s best to test out the different types to see which works best. With metadata, the title can have the highest impact on click-through rate, and they help to draw a lot of attention. We offer even more information on how to increase your click-through rate

Rank for More Specific Keywords

By more specific keywords, this includes long-tail keywords and new keywords. Use keywords that you already rank for, and create additional ones that are more detailed, a variation of the original keyword, or along with the same topic as the original keyword. 

Look for current gaps for your competitors or look at topics you don’t already cover to get new keywords. Additionally, many tools are available online that can help you determine new keywords. It can take a little while for Google to recognize this new content, so you may not see results right away. 

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