Driving Traffic Towards Interior Pages of Your Website

Do you find yourself struggling to get users to navigate to different pages throughout your website? Although you may be getting new visitors to your website, you may find that you have a high bounce rate or low average session duration and pages/session, meaning people aren’t finding the content they’re looking for quickly enough. The homepage of a website is often the page that ranks the highest in the SERPs. While the homepage is important, you’ve worked hard to create a lot of other content for your website, such as service pages, blogs, and other interior pages, so you want to drive traffic to those pages as well. Those pages are the bread and butter of what your company offers, so you want users to see that content. So, how do you drive traffic to those interior pages? It’s important to reevaluate your strategy in order to get users to navigate through other pages of your website to improve SEO, and ultimately, gain new business. Continue reading to learn how you can target your traffic to the other pages of your website.

Rankings and Queries Have an Impact

One of the first steps you can take towards driving traffic towards interior pages, such as your service pages or testimonials, is understanding what each page is ranking for and the queries Google has associated with it. Instead of observing the overview of the rank, take a further look into what each page ranks for and why. This will help you understand where, how, and why your page is ranked and what you can do to increase its rank. In addition, you can use Google Search Console to determine the queries for each page. This is discovered in the performance section, as GSC demonstrates keywords or phrases driving the most traffic to your site. Discover if some queries are a good match for your content but are not ranking well for the specific landing pages you are trying to increase traffic towards. From there, you can look for opportunities to optimize your page. 

Understanding the Intent of Your Users

Researching can help you become more knowledgeable of what Google views as the user intent behind each query keyword. The majority of SEO tools will highlight the top-ranked pages in search results for each keyword. The best way to develop an understanding of this is to run through the top ten and determine the intent of each of those pages to make sure the page you are trying to optimize matches that intent. Something that may be implemented to assist is adding an FAQ section on the page that includes some of the most commonly asked questions. This will drive more traffic to your site if executed properly.

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