Driving Conversions Through Triggered Emails

Presently, there are numerous marketing strategies that are focused on getting more sales conversions for all kinds of businesses, and email marketing is one of the most popular ones. However, most marketers are reluctant in including email marketing in their strategies as most end up in the spam folder.

So, what’s a great way to increase the effectiveness of email marketing?

Triggered emails are known to have a higher success rate compared to traditional email blasts. According to a recent study, they have twice the engagement rate and can generate more revenue per send. Read more about triggered emails below!

What Are Triggered Emails?

Triggered emails happen when predefined conditions are met by an audience. Usually, a set of specific actions or the lack of them tells your automated email marketing system to blast out an email. Of course, these emails have a set of factors they follow to invoke a response from customers such as:

Dates and Demographics – related to the target audience

Behaviors – such as clicking call-to-action buttons or lack of response

Internal or External Factors – seasonal trends or company and community events

Shopping Preferences – specific stages in the buyer’s journey

Triggered emails get a better chance of getting opened because they are targeted to particular users and encourage them to take a specific course of action. This is why it is a great marketing endeavor to use in getting more conversions.

Where to Start?

Onboarding Emails

The stage right after they signed up is the best time to create an excellent impression for your brand. These set of emails are perfect platforms to let your users know what to expect and what they can get from you. It’s also an excellent guide for your users to help your new customers to understand better how your service or product works.


There is still hope for those customers who have ceased all communication with your brand for some time. You can target them with triggered emails to get that spark again. You can send re-engagement trigger emails after 15,30, or 45 days of inactivity.

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