How To Guide: 5 Ways to Drive More Instagram Engagement

One of the biggest social media challenges is getting your target audience to engage with your content. Use these Instagram marketing ideas to gain more followers and boost engagement on your page.

Keep Up to Date on Popular Hashtags

The fastest way to increase your reach on Instagram is though hashtags. Before you start up your Instagram account, you’ll want to create a list of keywords and short phrases that relate to your industry. These can then be used as hashtags when posting a photo. Also, watch out for trending hashtags that can pop up around holidays or events. These can help you reach potential followers outside of your target audience.

Stick to a Specific Color Palette

Just like you would with your website, business cards and print ads, sticking to a color palette that’s dictated to your brands style for Instagram is a good idea. Many brands often forget about their style guide when it comes to Instagram. While experimenting on social media can be a good thing, you’ll want to use your signature look that followers will associate with your brand.

Follow the Rule of Thirds for Pictures

If you want to engage your Instagram audience, you’ll need to post eye-catching and easy to look at images. The most common rule that professional photographers follow is called the Rule of Thirds. This means applying a 3×3 grid over your photo and placing the subject along the lines.

Promote Your Instagram on Other Social Media Platforms

As a business, there’s a good chance you are on more social networks than just Instagram. Letting followers from your other social media platforms know that you have in Instagram is a great way to get them to follow you on there as well. After posting images on Instagram, you can also share them to Facebook, Twitter, etc. to show your other social media platform followers. This is a great way to encourage new people to discover what you are sharing.

Post at The Right Time

There is no right and wrong time to post on Instagram, but if you want to engage your audience, then they’ll actually need to see your photos. Users are most likely to look at their Instagram feed on weekdays between the hours of 11am-1pm and 7pm-9pm. Posting during these times will be sure to reach the largest amount of followers.

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