Drive More Action with New Pinterest Conversion Features

Pinterest rolled out two new features to help advertisers optimize their ad campaigns to achieve their conversion goals. We use Pinterest to discover or be inspired with our searches, with that said, it also influences our buying mindset which is why Pinterest is so valuable when it comes to the end product. The new features will add more “value to their discovery process” which is why this will help businesses tremendously to connect with Pinners. We take a more in-depth look at the new features:

Conversion Optimization

With the new feature, you can now “set campaigns that will support performance goals like increased signups, better leads or more checkouts on your site.” It’s all about being efficient. Having a feature that is easy to set up and manage will allow you to take action. Whether you’re using ad formats for promoted pins, videos or carousels, here are some of the best practices for your next campaign:

1. Display your product, promotion or brand benefits in your image or video.
2. Having a user and mobile friendly landing page will help users act more efficiently.
3. Keep your ads and landing page consistent but also cohesive when going from your ad to your site.

With active conversion campaigns now available, advertisers can reach people who are more likely to take business desired action on Pinterest. Using conversion optimization has help brands like Gravity Blankets gain a double increase in sales and a 58% low cost per acquisition. And according to Flaviar, a club for spirits enthusiasts has help saw 409% more traffic and an 8x increase in leads from October 2018 in comparison to the month before when they were testing out the new conversion optimization feature.

Pinterest is now also expanding its “Promoted Video offering to serve advertisers who have traffic or conversion goals.” Promoted Video that is using ‘conversions’ goals will lead Pinners to a landing page that includes a closeup of the video that was used in the ad, as well as the advertiser’s website.

With these new features now available for all Pinterest business accounts and two proven case studies indicates brands/businesses should look into maximizing their marketing strategies.

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