Do’s and Don’ts Of Improving Your Website’s EAT Principle

Are you familiar with the EAT principle in SEO? It’s actually an acronym standing for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. While this isn’t a direct ranking factor, Google takes all three of these principles into consideration when organizing a search engine results page. In order to make your website stand out from the competition, you should be incorporating the EAT principle into your SEO strategy. So, what are the best – and worst – ways of doing this? We’ll show you what to pursue and what to avoid when implementing this principle below!

Do: Build Relationships With Partner Businesses

If your business works closely with other businesses to achieve a common goal, you can both help each other out! One of the biggest factors of trustworthiness for a website is the amount of quality backlinks that lead back to it. Local citations are one way of accomplishing this, but they only go so far. If you work with another business on a project, consider doing a writeup of the project and linking back to them. Once you’ve convinced them to do the same, you both have a quality backlink that improves your trustworthiness to Google.

Don’t: Get An Influx Of Bad Reviews

The quality of service that your business offers is more important for SEO than you’d think! While it’s true that good, quality and organic reviews can do a lot to increase your ranking, the inverse can be said for bad ratings. If you get an influx of bad reviews because of a lack of attention to customer service, it could hurt your business in the long run. Make sure that you’re paying close attention to your quality of service and fix any mistakes that might happen. The more you do that, the more trustworthy your business becomes.

Don’t: Leave Your Blogs Untouched

Depending on the industry you work in, something that you wrote in your blog a year ago may not be correct today. Having old or outdated information on your website will go a long way to decreasing your authority and trustworthiness. If you work in an industry where the standards are always changing, you should be editing your blogs to reflect this change. You don’t want to be giving your readers the wrong information! This is a trait that is less important if you work in an industry that’s unchanging.

EAT With Boston Web Marketing

Feast on the rewards of a successful SEO strategy when you work with Boston Web Marketing! We understand the importance of this principle thanks to our extensive industry experience, and we’ll use our expertise to create a personalized plan to take your business to the top. To improve your business’s EAT principles, click here to contact us directly!

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