Do’s and Don’ts of an International PPC Client

For most US-based PPC managers, their clients are typically located in the United States. But what if you were assigned an account for an international client, would you know what to do? While tackling an international PPC, Pay Per Click, account can seem nerve-wracking, it can also be exciting and improve your AdWords skillset. Below are some Do’s and Don’ts of managing an international PPC client.


  • Whether it’s a brand new client or someone that you have had for years, by taking on their international account, you’ll need to do some researching. The strategy you use for an industry might work in the US, but take it over seas and it could fail.
  • Since this is new to you, managing an international PPC client will be trial and error. Depending on the location of your client, you may have to look into the country’s advertising guidelines.


  • Don’t rely on the strategy you’re using for your current landing pages. Cultural differences, like language barriers, will affect the user experience.
  • As we said before, a strategy that works in the US might not necessarily work internationally so don’t expect the same results. Just because your US strategy got you an increase of 5% in conversion rates doesn’t mean it will happen internationally.

If you have the chance to take on an international PPC client, we say go for it!

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