Don’t Yawn at Add-ons

There are a variety of options to choose from when deciding which internet browser you prefer to use. One of the most popular options today is Google’s browser that they have deemed “Google Chrome”. The browser acts similar to other applications that let you surf the web while also offering something many people overlook or don’t make full use of. What is being referred to here are called Add-ons, or rather “an accessory device or piece of software designed to increase the capability of a computer or hi-fi system” and google chrome has tons of them. As stated, each is specifically designed to increase the capability of the browsing software in its own way.

There are add-ons available for completing numerous tasks such as checking your grammar, taking a full site screenshot and much more. As SEO grows in popularity, an increasing amount of technology is being developed to make it easier for individuals to optimize their content whether it be a full site or a single post.  As a result, more and more SEO friendly add-ons are being developed for Google Chrome so that everyday web browsers can optimize their content more easily as opposed to relying on experienced SEO professionals.


SEO Friendly Add-ons


One of the most important parts of search engine optimization is ensuring that you are consistently posting original content. And although this may sound hard, it is not the entire challenge. It is hard to create fully optimized content if you are someone who struggles with grammar but now there is help. Grammarly offers those looking for someone to review there grammar exactly that, the chance to identify and edit any grammar mistakes at the click of a button.

Nimbus Screenshot:

More often than not, modern computers come with a built-in screenshot function that allows the user to take a screenshot of any section of the page that they select. Although, it was nearly impossible to get a properly formatted screenshot of an entire webpage. Thanks to Nimbus Screenshot this is now far from the truth. Taking a screenshot of an entire webpage is now as easy as installing this app and pressing a button.


Analyzing a search engine ranking page can be overwhelming as well as time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be this way. SEOquake is an extension that can check any webpage for a wide variety of fully customizable SEO parameters as well as provide valuable information regarding results in the SERP.


Conducting an SEO audit can be extremely time-consuming, especially when evaluating sites with hundreds of pages. When time is of the essence and you need to know exactly what improvements to make, WooRank can provide the answer. This extension provides companies, marketers, and website owners the ability to quickly and easily receive advice on how to optimize on and off-site content.

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