Don’t Forget Microsoft Bing

According to a new article by the Los Angeles Times Microsoft Bing has taken a 30% share of the U.S. web search in March ( LA Times Bing Article ).  Bing has made major strides in legitimizing itself as a force in the search world.  Now that Yahoo uses Bing’s search algorithm, and Bing is being used on all Windows Phone mobile devices and the default for most PC’s, Google’s still widely dominate strangle hold on the search world is diminishing (Though Google did announce a 150% increase on searches using Google for mobile devices). 

When meeting with clients previously, I used the terminology – we will get you found on Google.  Yahoo, and Bing, being almost after thoughts (We still work extremely hard to get people found on all search engines, but Google is synonymous with being the standard).  Now, it seems if simply just saying Google is short changing our clients on understanding how important and impacting being found towards the top of Bing and Yahoo searches can be.

Make sure you as a reader are claiming Yahoo local and Bing Business directories, using webmasters tools, and submitting xml sitemaps to all the search engines (for more information on best practices: Comprehensive SEO).  In the end, short changing Bing’s importance – is short changing your business.

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