Domain Connect Verification Now Added to Bing Webmaster Tools

A feature that has been popular with the webmasters using Google Search Console has finally made its way over to Bing Webmaster Tools. Now webmasters can verify their properties within Bing Webmaster Tools through domain connect. Making it easier for those using 1&1 IONOS, GoDaddy, Media Temple or Plesk easier access to verify their websites. While Google Search Console has the same function with verifying accounts through domain name providers, the difference between the two is that Google doesn’t work with Domain Connect.

What is Domain Connect?

Domain Connect is an open standard that makes it easy for a user to configure DNS for a domain running at a DNS provider to work with a Service running at an independent service provider.

Ways Can We Verify

With this latest addition, Bing Webmaster Tools now offers four methods to verify a location. The four methods include:

  • XML file authentication.
  • Meta Tag authentication.
  • Add a CNAME record to DNS records.
  • Domain Connect Verification.

How To Verify With Domain Connect On Bing

Once you are logged in to Webmaster Tools, go to the “Add a Site” input box and enter in the URL of your website. If you are entering in a website that has the Domain Connect solution integrated into the DNS provider of the site then Bing will automatically pull which provider the site is on. The final step involves you logging into your domain provider to finish the site verification. Below is a screenshot of what the prompt will look like after entering your URL into the “Add a Site” box.

screenshot of bing webmaster tools verification prompt

After you click verify, you will just need to sign in to your provider and you should be all set!

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