Does Social Media Affect SEO?

When implementing a digital marketing strategy, social media is an area that needs to be addressed. It seems that regardless of industry, size of business, or even location, organizations are utilizing social media to connect with their customers and audiences. With that said, Google and other search engines don’t allow signals from these platforms to affect their rankings directly. If you’re a business trying to rank higher on search engines, you may think to put social media on the back burner while you optimize your site. Optimizing your site with Google’s best practices should be priority #1, but don’t shy away from social media when starting out and below are some reasons why!

Traffic to Your Site

What makes social media great is its ability to spread a message. Whether it’s through sharing, liking, or even commenting on a post, any of these actions will expose your post and brand name across a wide spectrum of users. Be sure to link relevant pages within your posts and as people click through, they will now be visiting your site. This can be tracked in Google Analytics and you will directly see how many new users are now seeing your site. As new users stay and navigate to different pages on your site, this will build credibility from a search engine’s perspective, positively affecting your search engine results.


As you post great content with links leading back to your site, those who are sharing and liking these posts are helping you build brand awareness. This can prompt reputable sites to link to your post or site within their site. The more reputable sites that reference and link back to your site is one of the biggest factors in ranking well on search engines.  Social media allows your brand awareness to increase and depending on your knack for engaging with a platform’s user base and your own followers, this can significantly increase backlinks to your site.

The Forgotten About Social Media Platform: Yelp

Today, when people mention social media, the big four come to mind: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. A social media platform many people use without considering it a social media platform is Yelp. Yelp provides reviews for local businesses and allows users to comment on their experience with the business. Ranking well within these customer review platforms can increase rankings as search engines want to provide the best solution to a search query. Local businesses that rank well for their product or service will rank higher than those with less favorable rankings.

Boston Web Marketing Can Help!

Social media may not directly impact the search results, but the actions that are taken by those engaging with your posts and social media presence will. At Boston Web Marketing, we realize social media plays a major role in promoting your brand and increasing awareness. Our talented team of SEO and social media experts will work with you to understand your business and implement a plan that makes the most sense for your brand and marketing goals. Give us a call today and we can begin discussing how we can help your social media presence and where you rank on search engines!

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