Does SEO Work?

In this blog post we will discuss does SEO work to help get businesses found higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing?  Web marketing is no longer tied to simple keywords, banner ads, adwords, and the hope that search engines will choose your business to dominate in your particular vertical.  Conversely, our understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) has also changed.  SEO is now a daily process, instead of a few words of content written into your website.

To make SEO work companies now need: Social Media, Social Bookmarking, Back End Coding, Blogging, Quality Backlinking.  To answer whether SEO works you need to decide as a business owner whether you are willing to commit to making SEO work.  Will you invest in the time, the understanding that your team of SEO professionals are laying groundwork for your eventual success, and the forsight to realize that this is not print advertising – you are not instantly number one because you paid more than your competition.

The answer to does SEO work is as simple as this; if you invest enough time, in correctly doing any endeavour to brand your name – it will eventually lead to success.  Provide support for your SEO team, don’t undermine their efforts, and you will be richly rewarded in kind.


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