How Does SEO Work?

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to reach a high organic ranking in keyword searches relating to your business’s industry, services, and location. In order to achieve this, however, you will need to do a lot more than just scattering keywords. SEO is a process that requires consistent work to your website and brand, not just a few words or phrases written into your website.

To make SEO work, digital marketing professionals will constantly split their time between accomplishing an array of tasks. This includes consistent backend & frontend website optimization & content building, blogging, social media engagement, and up to date listings across platforms. It is important to understand that the game of SEO differs from print advertising – you do not instantly land the top spot because you paid more than your competition.

Back-End Site Work

Work to the backend of your site will include optimizing meta titles and descriptions, keyword tags, and images. Content should include backlinks to keep users on the site, and H-tags to optimize each topic. It is also beneficial to regularly post new and original blogs, both to establish brand authority and further build out the site with fresh content. The front end of a site should be visually organized and interesting, and it should also be optimized for mobile use – Mobile users likely count towards a significant portion of sessions.

While it might seem that the more frequent use of keywords, the better, it is possible that overuse of the same words and terms will actually hurt your ranking. Along with constantly expanding content, the quality of your content matters. It is also possible to be considered email or social media spam and lose a following if you are over posting. SEO professionals should be using analytics platforms to track progress and growth.

Investing in SEO

If you choose to invest in the SEO of your business by putting it in the hands of a reputable digital marketing agency, know that once you do so, it is important to trust the process. Unlike print advertising, you cannot buy into a listing to immediately show up first exactly where you want to. Rankings will steadily improve as your website content increases and strengthens, and you can track the growth with analytics tools to be sure of this. When you are working with the right professionals, SEO will definitely work to heighten your rankings and in turn, increase your overall website traffic. This will ideally lead to an increase in conversions & more leads for your business to work with.

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