Does Running Multiple Websites Hurt SEO?

With so many different algorithms that make up Google’s ability to assemble search engine results pages, it isn’t always easy to diagnose a website issue! Depending on the situation and its context, there could be different causes and solutions for any error you come across. This is especially the case when it comes to some of the industry’s most commonly asked questions on Google’s Help Forum! One of the issues that raises concern amongst many business owners trying to boost their rankings is whether having multiple websites helps or hurts their changes. Google’s own John Mueller answered this question with a “no”; however, he’s leaving out some important context. We’ll definitively answer the question of how multiple websites affect your SEO presence below!

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Identifying The Purpose Of Both Websites

If you look further at John Mueller’s answer, you’ll better understand what we mean by missing context! What he may not be realizing is that many of the people who ask this question aren’t referring to two completely different websites. It should go without saying that a website promoting exterior remodeling work won’t be affected by a website revolving around jewelry! Where things start to get interesting is the question of having multiple websites for the same business. To the untrained eye, this could be viewed as a good thing for your business’s SEO presence; after all, more content equals more chances for visibility! SEO professionals know that the math doesn’t work out here. Having multiple websites for the same business can actually hurt both domains in the long run!

How Operating Multiple Websites Affects Web Presence

If you think that running multiple websites for your business increases your likelihood of ranking higher for both, think again! Having multiple websites for your business can hurt all of them in more ways than one. We’ve outlined some of the most noteworthy effects that this practice has on your SEO strategy and presence below:

  • Time & Effort: In order to give your business its best possible appearance on the web, you’ll need to be able to dedicate the maximum amount of time and resources you can into it. If you’re applying this same mentality to multiple websites, you’ll quickly find that your resources are stretched thin!
  • Duplicate Content: Especially since there likely won’t be a change as to the services your business offers and areas it operates in, you’re bound to step on some toes! Running multiple websites also increases your risk of being found liable for duplicate content, which can tank the rankings for all websites involved. This can even involve your business’s contact information!
  • In-House Competition: By having multiple websites for one business, you’ll be putting the domains against each other in competition! The best way to rank well is to minimize your competition. Having multiple websites for your business will give you more competition than you can handle.

You’ll also confuse your clients by having multiple domains. What happens when they find a great piece of information on one website but then struggle to find it once they need it again? The best way to give your business the best chance of success is to focus your efforts on one website.

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