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Does My Website Need An SSL Certificate?

Every time you browse the internet via your computer or mobile device, your information can be hacked or invaded without the proper security protections. Website security is as important as ever with the number of online hackers steadily on the rise. This is where an SSL certificate comes into play. An SSL certificate is one of the best ways to combat online hackers and your website absolutely needs one.

What Is an SSL?

An SSL Certificate stands for a Secure Socket Layer Certificate. When you have an SSL certificate installed on your website, users will have a safer online experience. Nobody wants their information stolen or modified. An SSL certificate will protect and secure any information a user enters onto your website to the best of its ability.

Different Types of SSL Certificates

There are two common types of SSL Certificates: Domain Validated SSL and Organization Validated SSL. A domain validated SSL is generally cheaper compared to other SSL certificates. In some instances, you can even install one for free. An organization-validated SSL is commonly used by larger companies and fetches a higher price tag amongst its SSL cohorts. The SSL certificate you choose for you website should be predicated on your budget and your website security needs.

Does Having an SSL Help My SEO?

If you are wondering if SSL can help your website’s SEO, it can! Not only will having a proper SSL help secure your website, but it can also boost your SEO rankings on search engines. You can bet that your competitor’s websites have SEO installed on their respective websites. By not having SSL, you can fall behind them on a search engine results page. Having an SSL certificate enabled on your website allows users to see your website is safe and protected against hackers. Search Engines take note of that and will give your website more credibility.

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At Boston Web Marketing, we can help your website acquire an SSL Certificate. Our professionals can also help optimize your website to increase your SEO and traffic. Contact us today to learn more!

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