Does My Small Business Need A Logo?

Absolutely! No matter what kind of company you are or how many employees you have, a logo is necessary. Your logo is the foundation of your company image and is a portion of your brand identity. Branding and logos are a large portion of your online presence, as well as your presence on print and storefront materials. Your logo is vital to your company’s overall image and identity, so it must be a cohesive representation of your business. To help you better understand the importance of a logo to your business, the digital marketing experts at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our complete guide to understanding logos; read below to uncover our best practices.


What Should My Logo Have?


Your Logo Should Be Consistent:

When creating branded materials for your business, you will always want to be consistent. This includes keeping your typography, colors, and imagery consistent throughout all of your branded materials. Once you have created your logo, do not alter it in any way unless you are rebranding years down the line. Altering your logo can create confusion among viewers and decrease the recognizable features of your business.


Be Creative With Your Logo:

When creating your logo, be bold and play around with different colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Go with the elements and colors that speak true to your business and company; don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Many companies stick to a very basic logo. While we recommend you avoid elements that are hard to comprehend, understand that it is okay not to look like everyone else.


Keep The Logo Professional Looking:

When consumers are looking for a product or service, they will examine your logo, branding, etc. If your logo looks unprofessional or misaligned with what your business entails, they will question your services and, unfortunately, see them elsewhere, which is why it is essential that your logo looks professional and legitimate in order to maintain new customers viewing your content for the first time.


Are A Logo And My Branding The Same Thing?

No! Your company logo is not your brand; a brand is a culmination of various factors. These factors include your experience, reputation, services, etc. Your logo is a piece of your brand identity, not the entirety of it, but a small portion. Your brand identity comprises all your digital assets, including the logo, colors, website design, typography, etc.


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