Does My Business Need To Do Consumer Research?

Doing research when marketing your business is vital. Simply put, engaging in marketing activities for your business, whether large or small, is like shooting in the dark without due diligence. It comes down to understanding your target audience and potential customers. 

When members of your marketing team or agency engage in consumer research, they can understand trends among your targets and have a better sense of what mediums will work for reaching them. Cutting to the chase, the answer is YES. Your local business needs to do consumer research, or else your marketing dollars will be misallocated, or worse, wasted. The best part is; if done right, your business can flourish compared to what it was before. It’s all about aligning with your target market and giving them a product or service that they care about. 

What Is Consumer Research?

Consumer research is the process of studying data, case studies, and overall trends of what your target market is consuming. This is a wide variety of things. This includes what they watch, eat, do for work, etc. It also contains the mediums in which they consume their information. If you are a local root canal expert, you probably would be better off marketing your service on Google and not Facebook. Why?

Because when people are trying to consume content and catch up with family and friends, they probably don’t want to be looking at root canal services. If you did your consumer research, you’d find that your conversion rate would be much higher if you placed a Google ad for the keyword “root canal experts near me”. 

This searcher has a much higher intent of purchasing your service because they googled it. This means they are much more likely to convert. Consumer research is a great way to stay competitive with companies who market better than you. 

What Tools Do I Use For Consumer Research?

If you are a big business, then websites like Nielsen and MRI from Simmons are great paid solutions. These websites will provide you with the latest consumer research trends in your industry, and you can keep up to date with which mediums will make you the most money to market on. If you are a smaller company (our specialty), you can hire a local Full-Service Agency to do it for you or use google. There are plenty of free consumer research trends that can solidify your marketing strategy. 

What Does All Of This Mean To Me?

It means to be prepared. Marketing is easy. Good marketing is not. It requires research, strategy, and execution at multiple levels. If you implement consumer research into your local business, you’ll understand the trends of people in your area, what they are using to get answers, and what brands to get ideas from. 

With the more consumer research you do, you’ll quickly realize you shouldn’t be marketing your product/service to everyone. Find your buyer persona who will convert at the highest rate, and spread outwards. So before you implement your next marketing campaign through Google, Facebook, or any other medium, do your research! 

SEO & Google Ads At Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, consumer research is part of our job. Our SEO and Paid Search team can research the latest trends across all platforms and within your target markets to give you the best chance at being found. Without consumer research, you are severely limiting the amount of brand awareness your company can get. Contact us today or call us to see how we can help your business get found.

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