Does My Business Need SEO?

It is 2021, and the world is as dependent on the internet as ever. The 2020 pandemic shook up how we were living our everyday lives and left us searching for answers. As a result, search engines were flooded with endless queries making search engine optimization essential. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an inexpensive but important tool to show up for relevant queries and bring significant traffic to your website. There are a handful of reasons why every business needs an SEO plan to capitalize in its respective industry.

Search Engine Results

An organic search is when someone types in keywords in a search engine hoping to find results on what they are looking for. Oftentimes, these organic searches lead to the most traffic for a particular website.  When someone uses a search engine to search for something related to your industry, you want your website to be one of the top results on the page. This is how new potential clients can find your business, without having previous knowledge of your brand name. Without the proper SEO tactics, your website will not rank high on the search engine results page. We all want our websites to be highly visible and SEO can help with that!

User Experience

Websites should always be designed for the users. In order to attract more customers and traffic, users have to like navigating your website. Having SEO for your business will rub off on your website in multiple ways. First, when you have good SEO implemented, your website will load faster. Nobody wants to wait longer than they have to for anything these days so a website’s page speed is paramount.  When your business has the proper SEO, you are also ensuring your website is “mobile-friendly”. In a world where people use their phones for information more than half the time, you want to make sure your website is still convenient to navigate when people use their phones or tablets.

The Data

Last but certainly not least, every business should have SEO due to the valuable data it provides. With SEO you can easily track the habit of users when they visit your site. The analytics derived from SEO on your site will tell site owners what users find appealing and they don’t find appealing. The analytical data from your website will show you where your website needs to grow and improve.

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