Does Creating New Content Regularly Impact Your Google Ranking?

If you’ve been searching for ways to improve the traffic to your website, or haven’t seen the number of conversions increase in a few months, you may be racking your brain as to why your website isn’t performing as well as you’d like. A key aspect of increasing your website traffic is ensuring that your website is ranking well on search engines. Creating new content regularly to share with your users may seem like an unnecessary step, however, there are several reasons why creating new online content can help improve your website’s ranking on search engines like Google. 

How Does New Content Help Search Engine Rankings?

In order to understand why new content can help your ranking on search engines, you need to understand how Google rankings work behind the scenes. Google’s bots regularly scan indexed pages. During these scans, the bots use algorithms to look for certain qualities of online content. It is important to stay updated with Google’s algorithms so that you can be aware of the qualities that Google ranks highly for and create content accordingly. 

Refreshing your website regularly by adding content that targets your customers’ needs and provides them with informative information can help Google recognize that you are a valuable resource for your customer base. Not only that but creating insightful content that users find useful can help you become established as a leader in your industry which will further boost your ranking for related searches. 

How To Create Relevant & Impactful Online Content 

There are many different Google algorithms, all of which influence what kind of content will perform well in Google rankings. Ensuring that your content is original, long enough, answers relevant search queries, and calls out specific locations of interest are all great ways to ensure that Google recognizes your content as valuable and shows it to your customers. 


Writing online content has more to it than simply addressing the needs of your customer base. Using relevant keywords and using them correctly in h-tags, metadata, and on-page content can greatly influence what kinds of searches your website is showing up for. Using resources like Google Search Console can help you understand what queries your business is appearing for so that you can adult accordingly. Other factors such as ensuring your website is high quality, well thought out, and optimized can also help boost your rankings.  

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