Does a Substantial Loss in Traffic Mean My Website’s been Penalized?

Have you seen a significant drop in your website traffic recently and it has become a cause for concern? Well, do not immediately assume the worst, that your site has been penalized, before confirming another factor may have actually been involved instead.  Penalizations to websites are obviously something that no business owner wants, and with the numerous scams out there that can lead you to believe your site might be in trouble, it is understandable that a company may feel a bit of panic when initially considering what the cause of the traffic drop might be.


There are various other things that could have happened to your website, several of which are listed below and have occurred on a fairly normal basis. While any reason for a traffic drop is unwanted, some can be much more easily corrected. No index tags: while these are important for certain areas of some sites, sometimes a mistake is made in which the tag may have been accidentally added to an entire section rather than one specific page. If your site is full of no-index no-follow tags then it is possible your site may have been flagged due to Google’s new algorithm on this feature on WordPress. Unfounrtunaly if you have been hit with this penalty it will require you to go into these pages and re-write them.


New URL structure: sometimes a website is redesigned with URLs that are of poor quality, impacting online visibility and the visitors arriving on the site. For example, if you recently changed your URL to 20 letters instead of it’s original 10 then google will rate your URL lower, thus leading to a decrease in your search results.

Google Ads

Adwords: if you are using PPC to help improve overall online exposure, it is not a rare occurrence to see business neglect updating the account’s credit card, having an old card expire, or running out of money in the campaign’s budget.  Setting reminders and keeping a note of each cycle is an easy way to prevent this from happening. If you find your site not showing up in the top results for Google Ads there is a possibility that your competitors have an improved their ad words budget. If you do not have more money for a budget that is okay; you can just make better-performing ads!

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